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Applying PPC Campaign Strategies to Your Tinder Game: Part 1

During a recent lunchroom conversation, our team started talking about how digital marketing strategies also apply to online dating platforms – in particular, Tinder! What we found amusing were the similarities between how one might treat an Adwords campaign and a Tinder profile.


What have you gotten yourself into?

Throughout the series, we will dive into how you can apply PPC best practices to your Tinder profile.This series will not only reinforce your PPC knowledge, it will also up your Tinder game!

UVP: The Real MVP of your business

When we first connect with clients about a potential Adwords campaign, we ask about their ideal customer, that customer’s needs and their company’s unique value proposition (UVP). UVP refers to the value their company offers, how they solve their customer’s needs, and what sets them apart from the competition. Knowing these points gives us information to begin creating a targeted and effective Adwords campaign.

Just as each company has a UVP, so does every person. So if you want to rule Tinder, you should ask yourself these same questions.

Who are you looking for and how are you going to attract that person? Looking for a traveller? Add a travel photo as your main profile picture. Want to appeal to animal lovers? Talk about your pet in your bio.

Your Tinder profile can be likened to your Adwords ad – you have mere seconds to grab attention, so you better make it count with the right pictures and copy relating to their “search”. When that travelling animal lover comes across your profile… BAM! That person will swipe right and a match is made.


Is it really that simple?

The short answer is no. Obviously, neither Adwords nor Tinder is that easy – otherwise, we would have customers knocking down our clients’ doors and dates lined up around the block. There are many other factors that come into play such as click through rate, conversion rates,etc. We will dive into these in subsequent posts, but knowing your unique value proposition is where you need to start because this is what makes you stand out from the crowd (or sea of ads and profiles)! So think about it — what do you offer that others can’t? Can you make a mean home cooked meal? Do you speak five languages and rock at Jeopardy? Your UVP might be the reason someone messages you or decides to meet you in person! Find one. Stat.

For more fun, read on as we dive deeper into more similarities between Adwords and Tinder online marketing in Part 2 and Part 3 of Applying PPC Campaign Strategies to Your Tinder Game!