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Adster Creative Launches flexLOCAL™ Online Marketing Program

The team at Adster has worked day and night for the past year and a half to bring something truly unique to the table. We’ve spent thousands of hours on graphic design, systems and cutting edge web development to bring together a new marketing program we call flexLOCAL™.

flexLOCAL™ WebsitesflexLOCAL™ was born out of a desire to truly help Canadian small business owners. We understand that not every business can afford a 5-10 thousand dollar website, so does that mean they should be left in the dark with no web presence? Heck no! flexLOCAL™ is a tool that we’ve developed internally to help us streamline development time and allows us to build beautiful, responsive landing pages for our clients that are conversion friendly / SEO friendly. Curious how we do? Check out our flexLOCAL™ Promotional Video that gives you a quick glimpse of what we can do.

Adster’s flexLOCAL™ Marketing bundles offer the perfect balance of SEO, Social Media and PPC Advertising as we’ve jam packed these babies with everything your business needs to succeed online!