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5 Easy Ways to Market Your Personal Injury Law Firm Online in Edmonton

Advertising online can be challenging. There are so many options and opinions on what works best. Your resources may be limited, and you may only have the capacity to do work in-house. You might not want to spend a lot on something you’re just trying out. Understanding where to begin and which strategies will give you the best return on investment can feel overwhelming. So if you’re curious about how to increase your online presence in Edmonton or curious about what else you could be doing outside of building a website, we have 5 ways to market your Edmonton law firm online.

These methods are easy for an in-house marketer to complete without taking much time or costing a lot. They are effective because they target people in Edmonton and focus on parts of the website people pay attention to.

Easy Ways to Market Your Personal Injury Law Firm

Create a Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile (GBP) is a free tool that creates a profile that shows up in multiple areas within Google. You have full control over the content and you can highlight the best parts of your firm. Here is a list of benefits when creating a GBP:

  • When created, your profile will appear when people search for your law firm’s name.
  • It will also show up in the Local Pack (the three companies that appear beside a map) when people search for a law firm near them. 
  • The Local Pack can show when users are looking for law services nearby, including “Edmonton injury lawyers.” 
  • It also appears in Google Maps.

Creating a Google Business Profile is easy to do. It takes less than 15 minutes if you have your business information ready.


LawyerLocate.ca is a legal directory that lists lawyers in Canada. When you create a listing, your lawyers can feature their profiles, including personal and professional information.

Directories like LawyerLocate.ca serve as proof that your lawyers are legitimate. It helps build their online reputation, which can improve the reputation of your website.

LawyerLocate.ca ranks for several keywords, including “lawyers Edmonton,” making it easier for potential clients to find your firm.

As of 2024, the cost is $95 per month or $950 per year.


Reddit is a mix of social media and forums where people can ask questions, and users in specific subreddits can answer. With growing concerns about social media algorithms feeding users content, Reddit has gained popularity for allowing users to curate their own content and choose what posts they want to see. Reddit’s monthly active users have grown significantly since 2018, reaching over 1.2 billion in 2024.

There is a subreddit for topics related to Edmonton called r/Edmonton. It has over 276,000 users as of June 2024, with an average of 66 comments and 12 posts per week.

A few tips for using Reddit:

  • The key is to check recent posts frequently 
  • Look for questions or topics about injury law. Answer questions genuinely to provide value for the user. Avoid trying to sell your firm and respond thoughtfully.
  • Include your website link

Answering topical questions will not only increase your brand awareness among users in Edmonton but also provide a positive image of your company as you genuinely help people seeking assistance. What’s best is that these posts last for a long time and can be seen for years to come.

Sponsor Events and Organizations

Every year, events and organizations look for sponsors to support their cause. These are great opportunities to get your name out. These sponsorships usually come with different tiers, and you want to select one that includes adding your logo with a link to their website.

Adding your logo increases your brand visibility and shows that you support a good cause or organization, letting people know you care about the community. This creates a positive image for your firm.

Including a link to your website also helps your SEO. Links are a key part of Google’s algorithm in ranking websites in search results.

To find events or organizations seeking sponsors, search on Google for “edmonton [year] event sponsors” or “edmonton organization sponsorships.” You can also consider supporting your favourite local nonprofit or even a sports team!

Facebook Boosted Posts

Facebook remains a widely used platform. According to 2023 stats, Alberta has 3.1 million users.

Simply posting on your brand page may not be enough to reach your target audience if you don’t have many followers. Managing Facebook (or Meta) Ads can be too complicated if you lack experience.

But there is a simpler option called Boost Post. It involves boosting an existing post on your page. You can create an interesting graphic and description and post it to your page. Then, you can boost the post to show it to your target audience. You can choose location targeting, demographic information and audience interests.


Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Any easy tactic comes with limits. You need to target users who need an injury lawyer today, not just those who might need one in the future. SEO and PPC are marketing tactics that target people actively searching for a lawyer right away.

A marketing agency can help you navigate digital marketing, where the return on investment is clearer than other marketing tactics. An agency can help you determine the right strategy based on your priorities and budget. 

Experienced agencies stay informed about the ever-changing nature of Google. Search engines can change their look, behavior, and algorithms. What worked two years ago might not work now. Hiring an expert can help you navigate these changes and create a strategy that adapts to them.

At Adster Creative, we can help you carry that load and manage a marketing strategy based on your priorities and budget. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you increase your visibility online and generate more leads.

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