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4 Tips to Help Purrfect Your Brand’s Social Media Presence

Social media is huge in both organic and paid marketing, and cats are (arguably) one of the cutest animals out there. Even if you don’t agree with this statement, I promise if you would change your mind if you met my kitty Nyx – AKA the cutest thing on earth. I did have a nice and ‘normal’ draft of this blog written and ready to go (on my deadline last Friday) with exactly zero cat puns, but I really wasn’t feline it.

As the resident cat expert here at Adster, I can’t help but see all the similarities between our feline friends and a good social media strategy. Not all traits displayed by these fluffballs -cuddly, sleepy, psychotic – make for a good social media plan, so while having an office full of cats purrfecting your social media may be incredibly adorable, it may not be very effective. We can, however, learn from a few of their more general qualities.


Learn From Your Peers

Peer relationships majorly affect the growth and development of kittens, and when they are grown, their behavior tends to be influenced by their owners.


When entering into social media, it can be helpful to examine what practices similar companies are engaged in. This can provide platforms and tactics that may be valuable to your company’s social media strategy. Competitor research is a clawmon practice that is utilized by many businesses. Whether your business is new to social media or has been active for years, it can be beneficial to research your direct competitors to discover what works for them, and what doesn’t. Generally, it can be helpful to note their most successful:

  • Platform – Look for indicators such as the number of followers/likes and the number of customers reviews.
  • Content – Look for interactions such as likes, comments, retweets, and shares. If a post is boosted, it most likely performed well organically.
  • Tone – Choosing the right tone can be dependant on the industry. Not all brands can get away with roasting their competitors on Twitter.

This research can help a business new to social media by giving them ideas to build upon while creating a strategy. This type of analysis can also be useful for established brands looking for new and fresh ideas to promote their content.

Be Curious

Cats are curious by nature, whether it’s the scent of a new person, a strange sound in the middle of the night, or the lure of a closed door, they can’t help but be inquisitive and explore.


Just like our furry housemates, companies too must be curious and explore new opportunities. When given the chance, brands must metaphorically sniff the new person. There are many ways a company can accomplish this, some options are to:

Not all new areas of social media are fruitful, but purrhaps you will find a great new avenue to explore!

Show Your Purrsonality

Much like other animals, each cat has its own distinct personality, and they aren’t afraid to make it known. This type of behavior helps an owner get to know and fall in love with their companion.


Companies too, have their own personalities, and showing them only humanizes their brand, and encourages their followers to get to know them. Giving your customers a brand they can relate to is imperative in today’s culture, as it establishes trust. When customers feel they trust a brand, they then instinctively become more loyal. A few ways you can make your brand personality known to your customers is to:

  • Take customers behind the scenes
  • Use humor (if it fits your brand)
  • Engage with your audience
  • Use a consistent & approachable tone
  • Use consistent branding

Once you have established your brand personality, make sure to stay true to what you have created. Part of branding is consistency, so ensure your brand stay consistent across all platforms.

Be Social

Despite what many people believe, cats are very social animals, even if their idea of socializing – scratching, biting, generally causing pain – may differ from ours.


Brands too, need to be social and interact with their followers, as the landscape of social media has changed to become much more interactive. With more and more customer service taking place on these platforms, being social and interacting with your followers is key. Some way brands can accomplish this is to:

    • Respond to user comments
    • Utilize user-generated content
    • Ask questions
    • Use polls
    • Respond to ALL reviews – not just the pawsitive ones!

Humanizing your brand by interacting with your followers lets your customers know that you are not yet another faceless company. You also may miss out on additional opportunities to perform customers service if you are not engaging with your users on social media. Even the most furrmidable brands out there are expanding their social media presence, and are starting new conversations with their customers every day via social media!

When executed correctly, social media can be an excellent addition to any ongoing market strategy. Just remember that like any organic marketing, results take time!


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