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3 Ways to Make Your Business More Viral Than a Zombie Apocalypse

One of the things that I find that can dramatically influence a brand and businesses popularity, is their ability to go viral. How can a business consistently produce content that people will want to share? If you’re a plumber, how many ‘how-to’ plunging videos can you possibly add?! The problem with viral, is that it’s something that is left up to the people that visit your website or your social followers. It can be quite useful but also quite harmful if the wrong thing goes viral.

Nonetheless, I’ve taken some time and compiled a couple of tips that you as a small business owner in Alberta can use to try to create your new viral campaign!

Viral Business Strategies#1. Content Relevancy. Who ‘ya talking to?

One of the first things to do is to make sure that your content is not only fun and interesting, but relevant to your brand, and caters to the field that you company deals with. Sometimes you’ll see brands, even big brands who post very interesting content that does go viral but somehow it really has no connection to what you brand does. You want people to draw that connection from what you’re posting, to your company, therefore creating interest in your company.

#2. Originality – Not this content is king stuff again?!

When producing content try to make sure its original. If you’re copy and pasting your content from ezine articles it kind of defeats the purpose of that whole ‘viral’ thing. This also gives your company a style to roll with. Like an advertising campaign slogan, having original content will set your company apart from the competition. If you need a good example to start with, @smartcarusa would be a good place to start.

#3. Social Followers – Minions Unite!

Last but not least – your social minions! To really go ‘viral’ you’ll need a nice base to work off of. Usually, if you’re still at 100 to 200 followers something won’t really kick off all that fast, but it’s still possible. If a large number of people following you find something interesting, they will most likely post it to their own walls and share it with their friends that have similar if not the same interests as you. And so it continues. Again this will help to have a good base following, but also if something you have goes viral your following count may also increase as a side effect. Its a continuous circle that works well as long as its properly maintained.

Though you may not have the next Call Me Maybe, or Gangnam Style, ultimately I think the best thing to try and create viral content is to be yourself. Whether that means having the CEO of your company go online and chat on Facebook, or one member of your team take control of the Twitter account to post interesting things that are going on, it all adds up in the end. One of the things I love to see is a team having fun while doing something they love. Something it seems YouTube’rs do quite well.