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3 Tips to Attract Attention With Your Ad Copy in Google Adwords

We spend a lot of our time here at Adster writing ads for our clients. Unlike a traditional advertising agency, we’re a little limited in that our ads fit strict guidelines for length: a Google Ad cannot have more than 130 characters per ad. That’s less than a tweet! How do you get your message across in such a small amount of space? You need to get creative.

Here are some tips for making the most of your Google Adwords copy!

1. Stand Out from the Crowd

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of Google Ads have capitalized letters for each new word; this helps draw users eyes to the word, which is ideally a keyword that they’re already searching for. Since we only have so many characters to work with, capital letters take up more space than lower-case letters, so it really helps your ad stand out!  SIDE NOTE: as a self proclaimed lover of editing copy and grammar, I hate that this works. I feel the world generally over capitalizes and as a student of Canadian Press style writing, this makes me bonkers. But it works for ads. So that’s fine.

2. Change it up!

Don’t you hate seeing the same commercials, over and over again? Even if they are funny, clever or heartwarming the first time around, by the fourth or fifth view, they’re looking pretty tired. Same goes for AdWords: change your ad copy ever so often to keep your ad looking fresh and distinct, even if the ad leads to the same website. When potential customers get used to seeing the same text or images, they start ignoring the message; leading to a decrease in average clicks.

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Don’t get lazy when it comes to writing new ad copy!

3. Get familiar with Ad Extensions

Google AdWords has an insane amount of features; you just need to know where to find them. One of these great features is ad extensions, which let you highlight extra information. When you show the right message to get people’s attention, your click-through-rate will skyrocket. Extensions can also make your ads stand out against competitors ads.

One of my favorites is the Callout extension because of it’s ability to be scheduled. So if you have a promotion on for a limited amount of time, you can add the text “50% off in March” to your ad for only March 1-March 31, after which point it will disappear! SO COOL!

These are just a few ways to stand out with Google Adwords. Let us know if you have any questions!